What We Do

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The Tyler Economic Development Council

The Tyler Economic Development Council (TEDC) is a non-profit organization that has worked since 1989 to diversify the local economy and stimulate job growth and retention. In addition, the TEDC has been credited with assisting companies that have generated upwards of $1.3 billion in new investment in Tyler. 

Jobs in Tyler Attributed to TEDC


The TEDC aggressively promotes business growth through an innovative, highly effective four-point strategy:

The TEDC works closely with its business partners to ensure they have the workforce, infrastructure, and resources they need to be successful. We provide training grants, tax increment financing for infrastructure, and other incentives to help keep and expand business in Tyler.

The TEDC recognizes small businesses are the backbone of a local economy. Through revolving loan funds, the TEDC assists small businesses with accessing the capital they need to grow.

We network with companies worldwide to share why Tyler is the best place to locate their business. Working closely with the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Tyler, and Smith County, we strive to attract businesses that align with our desired growth plan.

By investing in land and infrastructure to support potential companies and utilizing strategic tax abatements, enterprise zones, and other resources, the Tyler Economic Development Council works to attract and retain businesses that will continue to expand our economy and improve our economic community.