historic home in tyler tx

Choose from contemporary downtown loft apartments and single-family homes, or indulge in sprawling mansions. Modern and sleek to historic and timeless; manicured and maintained to wildflower-speckled with plenty of room to sprawl out–Tyler provides diverse options for living spaces. 

Plentiful Housing Options
  • Single-Family Homes, Both in Planned Neighborhoods & Rural Areas with Acreage
  • Maintenance‐Free Gated Communities
  • Lake Property & Homes, Both Waterfront & Inland
  • Multifamily Communities
  • Independent or Assisted Living Facilities
  • Apartments, Lofts, & Studios
  • Townhouses & Garden Homes

Housing Market

Tyler’s demand for housing has continued to rise with the ever-increasing population.

Although housing prices are on the rise, Tyler residents and newcomers have continued to purchase homes due to the low cost of living offered by our community. 

  • Infill Developments

  • Downtown Housing

  • Hidden Palace

  • Azalea District

  • Green Acres Housing

  • Cascades

  • Hollytree

  • Stonegate

  • Whitehouse

  • Flint

  • Lindale

  • Lake Tyler

  • Lake Palestine