Revolving Loan Fund


The Tyler Economic Development Council (TEDC) manages the Smith County Revolving Loan Fund (SCRLF), which provides loans to firms that create or retain permanent jobs through the retention, expansion, or establishment of companies in Smith County.


Businesses located or locating in Smith County that are producing a product or providing a service from which 50% of their sales are derived outside of Smith County.  The company should also provide evidence of a financing gap and should have a substantial potential for retention or creation of jobs.

Eligible uses include working capital, equipment and machinery, leasehold improvement, purchase and development of land and building, pollution control and abatement.  Ineligible uses include speculative activities, loans which assist the relocation of jobs from another labor area, investment, refinancing, or to provide the equity contribution required for federal loan programs.


The maximum loan amount will be $200,000; the minimum loan will normally be $50,000.


The loan ratio will be at least two private sector dollars to one SCRLF dollar.  Private sector dollars include private financing from other lenders or equity investment.  Owner participation will generally be 10% of the total project costs.  The loan may be subordinated to the primary lender or funding source.

Interest rate will normally be fixed and at or slightly higher than the national prime rate. The loan term will be tied to the life of the assets financed, up to twenty-five years.  Working capital loans shall be for terms of five years or less.


  • 413 Strengthgear

  • ABL Services

  • Action Cleaning

  • American Cutlery

  • Ausa

  • B&W Porcelain

  • Benchmark Manufacturing

  • Chuck's Travel

  • Crews Coffee Co.

  • DG Print & Pack

  • DirecTex

  • Distant Lands Coffee

  • Engraven Images

  • Falcon Trailerworks

  • Granite Division

  • Group M7

  • Hebb Industries

  • John Soules Foods

  • King Manufacturing

  • Mentoring Minds

  • Motor Trike

  • Official Issue

  • Old Jack Storage

  • Ryno Industries

  • Sawyer Metal

  • Service Line

  • Southern Bulb Co.

  • Southwest Environment

  • Sustainable Coils

  • TAKS Tornado!

  • Texas Academy of Beauty

  • Texas Software Development

  • US Fabrication

  • Vehicle Reman


You can download our handy brochure (401 KB, PDF format) that answers many commonly asked questions about the SCRLF. The TEDC also works with many other organizations that can assist you including the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which can be reached at (903) 510-2975. The SBDC has many resources to help you with your business, including business plans, and most of these services are free. Click here to be redirected to their website. An online state-by-state directory of Small Business Loans is also available online.


The Texas Municipal League produces an annual Economic Development Handbook that provides detailed information about all available funding options available in the State of Texas. The publication is only available online and can be downloaded in PDF format.